S1. Edamame
Steamed green soybeans with sea salt
S2. Takoyaki (5 pcs)
Popular Japanese street food with minced octopus inside, a cream ball filling and a crunchy finish on the outside
S3. Yaki-Gyoza (5 pcs)
Veggie or pork fried homemade dumplings
S4. Chashu (6 pcs)
Broiled & stewed pork belly with scallions and house special sauce
S5. Tori Karaage (8 pcs)
Boneless fried chicken
S6. Buns (2 pcs)
Chicken or pork with lettuce and spicy mayo
S7. Shrimp Tempura (4 pcs)
Battered and deep fried shrimp
S8. Steamed Buns (5 pcs)
S9. Agedashi Tofu $7.00
S10. Shrimp Shumai
Steamed or deep fried
S11. Fried Calamari $7.00
S12. Seaweed Salad
Seaweed seasoned to perfection, topped with sesame seeds